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Here you can find some small C# GDI+ applications I wrote a long time ago. They do not fulfill any particular use, but some are pretty nice to watch. If you want to have the source code of anyone of them, feel free to send me an email.


Who doesn't like snow on his desktop? Now you can have the full entertaining package in this single application!

exeSnow executable


This small application allows you to spawn gravity wells and particles. Play with your own little universe.

exeLineZ executable


A small particle fountain which will fly over your desktop. Double-Click on the tray button to close the app.

exeGlowX executable


Another gravity experiment - this time with dots attracting each other. They will form lines when coming close to each other.

exeAdduction executable


A small line-based 3D renderer, which uses only GDI+.

exeGDIRot executable


Yet another small desktop gadget! This ball will bounce around your screen, and effectivly distract you from doing any real work.

exeBall executable