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attiny45 n64-usb

A newer version of my previous N64 adapter using an AVR ATTiny45. Key features include:

key features

2x n64 → usb
2x n64 → usb
  • connects two N64-controllers to your PC
  • fits on an attiny45
  • no crystal or voltage regulator required

The code makes use of the v-usb oscillator calibration code, and thus does not require any external crystal. Instead, the avr will calibrate itself to the 16.5 MHz USB clock. In orer to built one adapter yourself, you will only need:


  • 1x ATTiny45
  • 1x USB jack, 1x N64 two-port controller jack
  • 5x resistors
  • 2x standard diodes in series to drop the 5V usb voltage to roughly 3.3V

The electronic schematic for this project is really simple: Just use the stock v-usb schematic for an ATTiny45 at 16.5 MHz with series diodes, and connect the two N64 controllers to the PB3 and PB4 pins with two 1kΩ resistors — and you are all done. Add an extra LED if you want some visual indication.


gzATTiny45 source code (16.5 MHz, auto-calibrated)
pngmodified V-USB schematic

thanks to ...

  • Raphael Assenat for his N64-controller code, which served as a basis for this project
  • V-USB for the software USB implementation and auto-calibration code
As always: If you are interested in this project, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. I'm happy to provide you with more information!