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rgb-i2c-usb bridge

This project consists out of two different parts: For one, a simple RGB LED that can be controlled with i²c/two-wire, and secondly, a simple two-wire to USB converter. The RGB-LED can thus be fully controlled via a simple command line application, and can e.g. display the build status of a project, or could blink up if you have incoming messages.

The code makes use of the v-usb oscillator calibration code, and thus does not require any external crystal. Except for two series diodes, and some resistors, no extra components are required. The schematic is pretty much based upon the stock V-USB attiny45_rc schematic – The only additions is the use of the two remaining pins for the I2C bus.


gzATTiny45 source code for the RGB LED (operating as I2C slave)
gzATTiny45 source code for the I2C → USB converter (using v-usb, HID)
gzSource code for the .NET command line application, accessing the HID device
gz.NET HID Library using libhidapi-libusb