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n64, gc to usb

Due to the fact that I have no TV in my room anymore, and sometimes the urge to play some old n64-games returns, I decided to build an USB adapter, which allows you to use your N64/Gamecube-Controller as a joystick.

Warning: This version is a little bit outdated, and I recommend using the 'attiny45 n64-usb' bridge instead, which is also much easier to build.


top view
top view
bottom view
bottom view

This project uses an ATTiny85 (although any other tiny with at least 4kb of flash should do the job). I decided to make the adapter in form of a regular USB stick, and therefore I placed the elements rather close together. Basically its just a microcontroller with one end directly connected to the USB plug, and the other end plugged directly into the controller.

If you do not have any N64/GC plugs lying around, you can also just use a basic pin header like I did. It works fine (but needs a little bit of shortening for the GC controller)


  • connects a N64 or Gamecube controller to the PC
  • acts like a normal joystick
  • allows the use of all buttons and axis
  • with working force feedback for the GC-controller


rarsource code
rareagle layout